K2G Analytics

K2G Analytic Service is provided as a type of online to offline (O2O) which combines consulting by K2G’s experts with a couple of Analytic Solutions such as a patent appraisal solution, a patent portfolio guide solution, and patent competitiveness diagnosis solution.


Patent Appraisal Solution

In order to correctly evaluate a patent, the solution applies a newly developed algorithm depending on who cites the patent, which countries it is filed, and which stage it belongs to in terms of its lifetime.


Patent Portfolio Guide Solution

IRM stands for Invention Roadmap suggested by K2G first time. K2G IRM solution can be used for selectively focusing on quality invention so as to build a powerful patent portfolio. It enables users to determine which invention should be filed and to assess the quality of the invention throughout the lifetime of the invention from pre-filing an application until the patented invention is expired.


Patent Competitiveness Solutionn

This solution diagnoses comparative competitiveness of customers’ patent portfolio on diverse perspective. It tells its competitiveness on quantative and qualitive perspective respectively. And it also holistically diagnoses a hybrid competitiveness which mix quantative competitiveness and qualitive competitiveness.