IRM stands for Invention Roadmap suggested by K2G first time. K2G IRM solution can be used for selectively focusing on quality invention so as to build a powerful patent portfolio. It enables users to determine which invention should be filed and to assess the quality of the invention throughout the lifetime of the invention from pre-filing an application until the patented invention is expired.

  • Diversify technology trends¹): ① Alignment of Internal RRM v. IRM ② MRM v. IRM ③ Competitors’ PRM v. IRM
  • It is possible to evaluate the quality of inventions and patents by measuring alignment (AITI²) from time to time at early stage of invention or before patent registration.
Note: 1) RRM: R&D Roadmap, MRM=Market Roadmap, PRM = Product Roadmap
2) AITI (Alignment Index between TRM and IRM): Index indicating correlation with technology trend and IRM